Friday, October 28, 2011

Who new labeling could be so much fun?????

Today was the first time my principal has observed me since she hired me this year.  I was so excited that she wanted to see a full lesson and I really wanted to showcase the 5 step lesson plan and lots of WBT techniques.  I knew that I wanted to teach my students how to label a picture to help them in their journaling progress.  I was at a loss for a gesture so I turned to the forum and in less than 24 hours Annette gave me some great information for teaching labeling with a WBT gesture (Thank you, Annette you are a great resource).

The five step lesson plan was a success:  we learned the gesture with mirrors and then we used mirrors and words to fully understand the concept.  Then they taught their partners all about labels with big gestures and lots of was great.  Then we played yes/no way and cutie so that I could see who truely understood and what needed clarification.

Then just for fun I let the students label me with post it notes (I wish I had taken a picture it was hilarious).  It was so much fun.  Then as a class we labeled a pig, since we had learned how to draw a pig this week.  Now it was time to see who could transfer this new knowledge to the journalling was amazing!  Who knew so many pre-k students could draw a picture and label at least one part???? 

As my principal left my room she gave me a thumbs up and said, "that was amazing, it brought tears to my eyes!"  What a complement...I can not wait to have our post evaluation conference....

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