Monday, August 29, 2011

WBT on the move!

Well this has been an amazing start to my week!  As you know I have changed schools this year, and I discovered today that there is another Whole Brain Teacher in my school!!!!  This is her first year and she loves it just like all of us do.  It is so nice to have a colleague to discuss challenges and celebrate success with.   We even had the opportunity at a faculty meeting to explain the power pix to the entire staff and some of the successes we have had with them.

 Then last night I had the chance to catch up with my mentor teacher from last year.  She has also switched schools, and she knew that I was an advocate for WBT last year.  One of her fellow teachers is also using WBT and he loves it! 

It is so amazing to see fellow teachers discover WBT, and to watch this marvelous way of teaching grow everyday.  I cannot wait for the day when I can teach in a school full of Whole Brain Teachers!!!

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